Fashion Timeline

I worked on this project with three different photographers over the course of one week in the DFW area. This project was inspired by my love of history and fashion; it begins with the 1920s, carries on to the 1960s and tops off with my modern persona in 2018.

Everything: the outfits, accessories, shoes, makeup, hair, location, were all all planned. It was intended for a project at UTA for my Intermediate Photo class, a 35MM project, which I shot on a Minolta x-700 and a Canon AE1. Unfortunately, all except one of these shots was destroyed due to my inexperience and freak accidents, so I had to improvise.

Fortunately, a digital camera (DSLR) was used as a light meter for the SLR cameras, which is why I have all these lovely photos to show you today! Otherwise, they would have been lost forever. A lot of preparation, thought, energy and effort went into this project. I am pleased with the final outcome in having accomplished what I set out to do, despite the curveballs thrown my way.